Instructions for ConsciousFlix viewers
Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us.
1. I did not receive a confirmation email from ConsciousFlix
Pease make sure to check your spam folders. If you are using gmail, pleae be aware that our emails might go into the Promotions or Social folders in gmail.
2. I forgot my Username/Password
You may request to reset your Username or Password while you are logging in.
3. Refunds
Sorry, we do not provide any refunds.
4. What is Processing fee?
This is the fee levied on us by credit card processing companies, which are being passed on to you. This comes to about 35 cents per transaction (video rental purchase)
5. It takes long for the movie to load
This could be a function of many things: Your internet speed, RAM on your computer as well as the processing power of your computer. We recommend the following for optimal viewing of videos on ConsciousFlix
a) At least 4GM of RAM
b) At least 2.5 GH of processing power
c) High speed internet connection

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