Content Creators

We would love to hear from Content Creators whose content meets our guidelines listed below:
1. Subject areas:  Spirituality, Health, Wellness &  Nutrition, Education, Social Issues, Environment, Arts & Culture, Lifestyle, Influential People, Metaphysics, Science.
2. Video length  :  30+ minutes.
3. Critial acclaim: Favorable reviews in the industry.
4. Film festival presence: Preferred but not a requirement
5. No pornographic/adult content please. Minimal Libel and Slander.
6. You must own or obtain copyrights for all content (video, music, graphics) in your video
7. Video should not be in the public domain
Please contact us only if you meet the guidelines listed at the top of this page.
Submission Process
Please email us the following information at
1. Link to an online screener for your video. The video can be located on your own website/vimeo/youtube/dailymotion, etc.
2. Synopsis and salient features. Tell us why you should be listed on
3. Your background
4. Your social network
Review Process
We will contact you if we are interested in distributing your content on ConsciousFlix. We try to get back to Content Creators within 2 weeks of receiving an initial submission request.
Video Onboarding Process
1. Once we determine that we would like to have your video on our site, we will send you our Content License Agreement.
2. Upon signing the Content License Agreement, we'll ask you to setup a "Content Creator Account" on our website.
3. You can then complete a full profile for your video on our website. It should not take more than 30 minutes to setup your video profile.
4. Next step would be to send us your video assets via dropbox . You video must meet our Content Delivery Guidelines, click this link for the guidelines. ConsciousFlix Content Guidelines
5. Within a week of receiving your video assets, you video will be live on our website, subject to meeting our Content Delivery Guidelines
There is an initial setup fee of $50 to bring your video on board. This fee is towards the time we spend in bringing you on board, which includes: creating your account, quality check of the video, agreements, etc.
ConsciousFlix will share 50% of the revenue generated per video, with its content partners. Payments to be made out on a quarterly basis. Most Documentary/Film rentals on our site will be priced at between $0.99 - $1.99. The pricing for talks/instructional video rental will be different, as the audience for such content is very different from the audience for documentaries/films. Video rental period is 48 hours.

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